Adib S. Kawar – Zionist invaders back to the sea without apologies!!!

June 8, 2010 at 3:05 pm Leave a comment

Halt you world, this is my poor little baby enjoying himself!

The following contains a video released by the Zionist entity military to justify the killing of activists, because they were confronting Zionist commandos who were dropped from helicopters to stop the Freedom Flotilla from reaching Gaza’s shore to deliver much needed materials such as medicine, food products, school materials, children’s toys and cement and iron for rebuilding buildings that had been demolished before and after the 2008/2009 attack on Gaza by the Zionist occupation forces. All these things were badly needed because of the devastating siege imposed by the Zionist entity and the hireling Egyptian regime.

The flotilla people did this on purpose to provoke Israel. ….. Cartoons of killing “Jooooos” is ok in their world, family pictures of babies with hate the …. Our border with Mexico were decided between 1846 – 1848 with fighting and loss of life. … The puff won’t let anyone but USS Liberty killers on.” …

The video shows activists confronting Zionist invaders on the high seas far away from occupied Palestine’s territorial waters with sticks, metal pipes and deck chairs, and not electric sticks and live fire as the invaders were armed with. It also shows as claimed by the video that the activists were throwing a Zionist commando overboard, yet he was falling into a safety boat. Anybody other than the Zionist entity would have been ashamed to say that the over one hundred men battalion was well armed, and had been specially training for this invasion for over a week and they were defended by a fleet of warships and squadrons of helicopters and probably fighters and bombers warplanes. The assault would have to be either suffered or the invaders could be confronted and the commandos beaten with sticks and thrown overboard by civilian activists. Zionists should be ashamed of the ever-continuing lies this time claiming Hamas and Hezbollah’s men were recruited to fight the invading Zionists. Anyhow, after all, Hamas and Hezbollah are resistance forces and it is their job to uproot Zionist occupation who had uprooted hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs and they are still trying to fully ethnically cleanse Palestine of its Palestinian Arabs to replace them with imported so-called Jews, still they complaining that the victim is trying to defend himself.

An American commentator wrote, “What did Israelis expect? For their commandos be invited on the ship’s deck for a cup of tea with the captain of the flotilla?!!”

Of course the activists have the full right to defend themselves (as when even the Zionist entity commits atrocities against Palestinians and other Arabs, they are doing so in “self defence”).

Zionists invaded the Freedom Flotilla, killing nine and injuring over fifty activists. The least activists should do is defend themselves from an invasion, even if it means they might be killing invaders and throwing them back them into the sea and back where they came from, of course not occupied Palestine but Germany, Poland and the United States without apologizing as the 89-year-old Helen Thomas did.

The caption introducing the video said “killing Joooooos” meaning had the invaders been non-Jews (The Chosen People!!!) they wouldn’t have been confronted?!!! The invaders are Zionists and not Jews. There could have been Jews among the activists on board the Freedom Flotilla and they may have hit Zionists on the head, as was the case with Jews in Tel Aviv demonstration against the attack of the Freedom Flotilla.


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